Three referees fail Cooper test

by Thomas Freeman Yeboah
Eric Owusu Mensah (Kala), Charles Nii Tagoe and Theressa Beremansu were among several other referees who failed in the referees fitness test organized at the El Wak Sports Stadium ahead of the second round of the Ghana premier league which commences on Wednesday 5 th February.

Eric Owusu Mensah attributes his failure to injury, he told Metro fm,” I got injured during the test so I had to pull out. It is not that I failed the test, so I hope to return strongly for next season.”

Alex Quartey, chairman of the Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) believes the exercise was of great success.

“We have to always make sure, the referees are fit prior to the commencement of the second round of the premier league.

“I believe the exercise was highly successful and we are hoping to offer quality match officials, he said this in an interview with Metro fm.

The fitness test is done ahead of every premier league season or after recess to check the fitness of match officials.

One other change as the league begins on Wednesday is that, the number of centre referees have been reduced from 30 to 35, while the assistants referees have been reduced from 55 to 45.


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