Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

They can sense earthquakes!
Well, possibly. The pads of a cat’s feet are very sensitive, and some cats behave strangely just before an earthquake hits. Though it’s not a proven theory, some believe cats can detect vibrations of the earth through their foot pads

They can swallow and digest their food without chewing it.
That’s good news for famed internet cat Lil Bub, who was born without teeth.

They really are manipulative.
Cats can adapt their vocalizations to control your behavior. If they want food, they can make their cries sound more urgent.

They can dream!
Cats prefer to nap, but if they’re relaxed enough to enter a deeper sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns that we do when we dream.

They can’t understand punishment as humans do.
They must be praised and rewarded for desired behavior instead.

We shake hands, they bump noses—sometimes.
Nose-to-nose greetings between cats are unusual, as it puts both in a vulnerable position. However, cats who know each other well feel safe enough to do this. It helps them confirm visual recognition and gain information about how the other cat is.

Cats sweat!
But they do so through their paws. If you see wet little footprints in the summer months, make sure to put out some fresh water.