Sammy Crabbe announces bid for NPP 1st Vice Chairmanship slot

Mr.  Sammy Crabbe, a former Chairman of the Greater Accra branch of the New Patriotic Party has announced that he will be contesting the 1st Vice Chairman position at the party’s delegates’ congress.

Mr. Crabbe believes the time is up for the NP to begin to adapt to changing trend in politics and present a united front into the 2016 electioneering campaigns.

Declaring his bid to contest the position when the party goes to congress on March 1, 2014, Mr. Crabbe told his track records make him the most suitable candidate for the post of 1st Vice Chairperson.

“I believe I have the track record and have shown that I am an agent of change. I have built and re-engineered institutions; I have created opportunities and, most importantly, have successfully benchmarked best management practices, mobilized resources, organized training and coordinated members and executives of the party to implement change agendas at high levels – all without government assistance”.

He outlined some of the main issues confronting the  party as including: “motivation, lack of cash flow to help support critical activities necessary to execute long term plans, factionalism, individualism, tensions between some MPs and executives, tensions within party executives and transparency”.

“The Supreme Court ruling has also changed the dynamics of the game and we cannot operate the same way we’ve been operating. Things have got to change.  We need New Thinking and a New Direction”.

He said he will among others, introduce innovative means of raising funds internally to finance the party’s activities and create jobs for its faithful.

“We shall implement One-Member-One-Vote (OMOV) which will make every card bearing member of the party pay dues of GH¢1 to vote parliamentary, GH¢2 to vote presidential.

“I will work to support each of our constituencies with a minimum of G GH¢1,000 per month and regional Office, a minimum of GH¢5, 000 per month from resources generated from all the initiatives above.

On party governance, Mr. Crabbe pledged to “revisit and promote the document that detailed how the party will be consulted in the appointment of government officials when the NPP forms government”. 

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