Methodist Bishop Must Apologise To President Mahama

Mr. Sam Pee Yaley, A leading member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a public interest lawyer, has asked Obuasi Diocese Methodist Bishop, Rt. Rev Stephen Richard Bosomtwi-Ayensu to apologise to President Mahama for his ‘unwarranted criticisms’.

The Rev Bishop has been in the news lately for his critique of the Mahama-led administration.

Addressing congregants at a crusade organized by the Methodist Church at Obuasi, Rev. Bosomtwi-Ayensu said “It is about time we the men of God took the President and his Ministers on face-to-face. We have prayed and fasted, prophesied and done everything spiritually possible to no avail and it’s time to now question the President and his ministers”.

The Obuasi Diocese Methodist Bishop was reported to have also said that everything in the country was at a standstill because the President had been sleeping on the job. He therefore charged him (President Mahama) to wake up from his slumber and move the nation forward.

His comments were however not welcomed as some NDC officials and communicators launched scathing attacks at his person.

Speaking to the issue on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji Saturday, Mr. Sam Pee Yaley alluded that it was wrong for the Rev. Bishop to make such comments against the President and has ask that he apologize.

“Why is it that such utterances come only when the NDC is in power? Apologise to the President because what you did was not godly. You cannot use the pulpit to perpetuate your own political game. You have to apologise” he demanded.

Mr Sam Pee Yaley asked Rev Bishop Ayensu to stop bringing the name of the Methodist church into disrepute; adding he (Rev. Bishop) should choose between being a man of God and a politician because he cannot serve ‘two masters’.

“Everybody knows Rev Bishop Ayensu to be an NPP man…but you don’t use the pulpit or my church to do dirty politics so that you create problems for the Methodist church. The Methodist Church is a very respectable church with men of integrity…we want pastors who will be endlessly praying for the state. It is time we get out of this hypocrisy” he opined.