M.I Confesses That US Rapper Nas Is Not His Fan

Do we call this an intercontinental rappers beef? Lyrikal, a Port Harcourt based rapper who just released his new freestyle ‘Tom Ford’ remix has said that the Chairman, the Chocolate City rapper ‘M.I’ once confided in him that he doesn’t like the United States legendary rapper, Nas back in 2011 and he was totally disappointed in M.I for making such statement

Lyrikal rapped on his freestyle‘…we in Lagos, going about our little agenda. Met Mister Incredible, he drove us in his vehicle/ we conversing, the topic was rappers, yea I’m feeling Jude/dude all of a sudden talking compromised/got disappointed when he said he wasn’t a fan of Nas‘,

The rapper didn’t stop here, he went as far as suggesting that M.I had highlighted Lil’Wayne, Drake and Kanye West as his favourit, however, another friend of M.I, Kahli Abdu once rapped that he likes Jay Z more than Nas. What Has Nas really done to M.I, we would ask?

Kahli Abdu said in his song, ‘Little Brother ‘Arguably hold my own when we battle with bars/ but he always kicks my ass when we arguing Nas/Cos he’s more into Jay (Jay Z)‘, and Sinzu has also stirred trouble when he talked down Nas…At least, M.I is not the only who doesn’t like the American rapper

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