Kumasi Amusement Park Project On Course

Date published: February 3, 2014
RESIDENTS OF Kumasi and the entire region would probably have something to cheer about sooner than later, as the construction of the Amusement and Entertainment Park at Danyame is fast taking shape.

The project, which began a few months ago, is expected to be completed by December this year, as a Christmas gift to residents of the metropolis.

Construction of administrative blocks, washrooms and landscaping, are speedily progressing on the project, which is the first of its kind in the region.

Dubbed ‘Regeneration of the Rattray Park’, the project will have an artificial lake, restaurant and other entertainment facilities to provide a place of resort to residents.

The project was initially bridled with controversy after the Lands Commission expressed its disapproval on the desecration of the reserved land, located at the serene residential area of Danyame. 

When Ashanti File visited the place on Friday, work was speedily on course with architects, masons and labourers busily working.

Engineers on site told the paper that based on the initial phase of the schedule, about 50% of work had been completed and that the other phases of the project were expected to commence once imported logistics arrived.

They complained about the continuous increases in prices of raw materials such as cement which they said, was constantly throwing budget overboard. 

The Engineers, however, expressed optimism that the project would be completed as scheduled.  

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