Humanitas Arrives With Medical Support

A London-based medical charity organisation, Humanitas, is in the country to support the poor with critical surgical procedures among other activities.

Speaking at the DAILY GUIDE’s offices on last Friday, Ramiz Momeni, Director and Co-Founder of the NGO, explained that they were in the country to replicate what they have been doing in other parts of the world in terms of providing medical support and sometimes leaving behind important equipment for use by local doctors.

“We are in partnership with Seaguls project to bring support to disabled, orphans and abandoned children.”

Humanitas undertake difficult surgical procedures around the world where many helpless persons abound. Usually, after the procedures during which knowledge is imparted to local doctors, the equipment are left for them to undertake future work.

“We are on a research and development mission in the country for two weeks during which we would travel throughout Ghana,” he said.

Last Thursday, Humanitas was in Agbogbloshie, Accra’s most popular slum, as Dr Momeni put it, “The situation was serious”, he said, explaining further that they have made contacts with important persons in the area who also promised to support the medical project which would be in the interest of the residents.

Humanitas’ itinerary which would take them as far as Tamale in the Northern Region had already been drawn for them by a local grouping. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, Sarah Wade, is also in the country, Dr Momeni added.