Aduana Clan of Ayigya appeals to Manhyia Palace

The Aduana clan and descendants of Nana Kyei Fram at Ayigya in Kumasi  is calling on the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, and for that matter, Manhyia Palace, to, as a matter of urgency, act on its declaration to stop the Asakyiri family of the Topre Stool from occupying the royal stool at Ayigya.

They are also calling on the Manhyia Palace to act on a petition brought before it by the Odikero of Ayigya, Nana Kyei Fram II, who sought to declare that members of the Asakyiri family were not qualified to rule the Ayigya community.

Making the appeal through the Daily Graphic in Kumasi, a spokesperson of the Aduana clan, Mr Kwaku Amoa, 48, said the authority of  the Aduana clan and descendants of the Kyei Fram dated back to primitive Ayigya and that occupants of the Topre stool, who claimed to be  rulers of the Ayigya Traditional Community, were strangers.

His appeal comes in the wake of a power struggle that has engulfed the two gates as to who is the rightful gate  to rule the Ayigya community.

While the Aduana clan claims they are the true traditional rulers of Ayigya, the Asakyiri occupants of the Topre Stool have put in a counter claim that they are the rightful clan to occupy the stool and that in case of the death of the occupant of the stool, every member ( including the Aduana clan) must pay allegiance to the Asakyiri Stool for the usual rituals to be performed before burial can take place.

Mr Amoa recalled that when his mother, Obaapanin Akosuah Tawia, died in 2011, at the ripe age of 115,  a fitting royal burial was denied her as  the Asakyiri family members felt the Aduana clan members should have presented drinks (as was the custom) before they could go on with the burial.

He said when his family members disagreed and went on with the burial, the Asakyiri family members removed the dead body and that since then, he and the descendants of Kyei Fram have never found the mortal remains of Obaapanin Tawia.

“This power struggle must cease. It is about time the Manhyia Palace put its feet on the ground and prevent the Asakyiri family members from causing mayhem in the Ayigya area and set the records straight that the Asakyiri clan members were indeed not the true rulers of the Ayigya Traditional Area. Manhyia must act now!,” he stressed.

The Odikro of Ayigya, Nana Kyei Fram II, who has reigned for 20 years, petitioned the Manhyia Palace during the reign of the Asantehene, Otumfuo Opoku Ware II, and has also petitioned Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to intervene in the matter and set the records straight as to who, between the two gates,was the rightful clan to rule the Ayigya Traditional area but to no avail.

A copy of the petition made available to the Daily Graphic prayed the Asantehene to settle the matter for Ayigya to progress in development.

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