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Methodist Church Is Full Of NPP Activists


A member of the Communication Machinery of the NDC-led Mahama Administration says he is not surprised at the scathing attack on the current administration by Rt. Rev Stephen Richard Bosomtwi-Ayensu, the Obuasi Diocese Methodist Bishop.

The NDC activist claims the entire Methodist Church is bias towards the ruling government.

Rev Bosomtwi-Ayensu is reported to have accused President John Mahama of sleeping on the job and being “dull and insensitive” to the plight of Ghanaians, citing the increases in utility tariffs and high cost of living in the country as basis of his accusations.

He has however denied charging the president to wake up from his slumber and address concerns by the masses. He explained to Dansoman-based Radio Gold that his observations about the current economic conditions in the country had been misconstrued because he was speaking in the Fante dialect and did not categorically make mention of the President’s name.

“I never mentioned any title, any office in my discussion. I believe a nation is not governed by the president but by the government. So whatever I say I refer to the government because my understanding of government is a group of people manning a nation and not an individual,” Rt. Rev Bosomtwi-Ayensu explained.

But in spite of his clarification, the NDC communicator, Frank Nii Darko believes the Methodist Bishop was doing the bidding of his predecessor, Rev. Bishop Asante Antwi, an alleged member of NPP’s Vetting Committee who is said to have chastised Former President Rawlings on numerous occasions.

“…..I am not surprised this is coming from the Methodist Church because their former leader, Rev. Bishop Asante Antwi is a member of the NPP’s Vetting Committee and he probably might have sent him to say these things about the NDC government. Rev. Bishop Asante Antwi has said worse things about former President Rawlings when he (Rawlings) proffered that he is not afraid of God but respects God,” he said.

Speaking on OkayFM, Frank Nii Darko alluded to several instances where leading members of the Methodist Church launched blistering attacks on the NDC government. To him, the entire Methodist Church full of NPP apparachiks who are also clearly bias towards the NDC.

“…..Methodist Church is full of NPP members because the church never came out to condemn NPP when President Kufuor called Ghanaians lazy after some chiefs have said there was too much hardship in the country. The entire Methodist Church is bias towards NDC,” he stated.

The NDC communicator charged the Methodist Church to rather deal with its own internal problems as some of the Bishops are being accused of raping members and others said to be threatening to break away to form their own church.

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