Basketball: The FIBA lifted the suspension of Senegal for 310 million CFA francs



Senegal will participate in the Men’s World Cup Basketball. Against all odds, the standards committee of the Senegalese Basketball announced on Saturday evening in a press conference that “the sum of  310 million FCFA paid to the FIBA made the latter lift the penalty hanging over Senegal”.

This satisfactory decision fell secondary to the eventual agreement of Senegalese authorities to pay the fine of about 500,000 Swiss francs or some 310 million FCFA that FIBA has lifted the penalty hanging over Senegal, Saturday. The deadline to participate in the world tourney stop on Feb. 2, 2014, when Senegal were to rectify their situation.

In the same vein, it was announced that because “Senegal showed good provisions in this large sum already paid, the Fiba has at the same time accepted the provisional structure (note: the NCW ) which directs the Senegalese Basketball since November 22, 2013 , may remain there until September 2015 “.

That’s why henceforward; nothing holds Senegal who can quietly prepare their global show. Far from worry.

To the delight of Lions who in recent days had shown great contempt towards the authorities’ decision not to include Senegal (in World Cup), who duly qualified in the field in Abidjan.

But in the latest news, it is said that it is the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall who have mobilized the money to pay the fine to Fiba World.

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