“A New Generation Man Should Not Be Operating With Old Wine – Prez Mahama Told

Motivational Speaker Charles Sam says President John Mahama, as a new generational leader, must do away with the “old wine” in his government and rope in the “new wine”.

“…There are some practices of the old that must be stopped. Who falls in the trap; who falls under the whip, too bad. But the truth of the matter is that we show clear difference from the past and move on and especially for President Mahama because he is a new generation man and he has said so himself”, the Golden Future promotions CEO said on his programme ONE Nation on Radio XYZ.

According to him, “a new generation man should not be operating with old wine but must be operating with new wine. That’s very important because you cannot put old wine in a new day, a new era, that won’t work”.

Mr Sam said all leaders in the country, irrespective of political party affiliation, must learn to start operating the same.

He condemned the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) for allowing its internal party politics to degenerate to a game of insults on the airwaves, ahead of its national election.

“…You look at some of the things happening in some of the parties, some of the things they are saying on the airwaves and I can’t believe that young people are in this country. And I’m speaking about the NPP. God have mercy. I can’t understand some of the things that are being said on the airwaves. Why, is there no maturity to discuss things? What examples are you giving to the younger people?….You want power from us and look at the conduct”.