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PHOTOS: Wizkid’s Girlfriend vs Davido’s Girlfriend, Who Is Hotter?

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Both of these ladies are young, beautiful and doing very well in the Nigeria music industry.

They have both being compared in almost everything such as who is finer, who has more fans, who has got more money, who sings better, who has more swag and etc.

Both artist’s girlfriends have never been compared properly.

Unlike WizKid, who has a girlfriend and flaunts his relationship, lots of fans don’t know Davido also has a girlfriend too! A very beautiful one for that matter!

Her name is Nish Kards. Just like Tania Omotayo, she is mixed too! One wonders why Davido doesn’t want to flaunt his relationship. Probably it’s because he doesn’t want the media to spoil things for him.

We have put many pictures is this article to ease the process of evaluation and judgment. They includethe pictures of Wizkid and his girlfriend Tania Omotayo together and individual pictures of Tania Omotayo. Also below are the pictures of Davido and his girlfriend Nish Kards together and individual pictures of Nish Kards.


So, it’s up to you to decide. Who is hotter?
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