How Illbliss And Clarence Peters Cushioned The Blow Of Chidinma’s Sex Tape Scandal


Remember several weeks ago when a s*x tape dropped and reports hit the net that petite singer — Chidinma Ekhile, a.k.a. Ms. Kedike, was the female character in the s*x tape.

The innocent looking singer received insults from all angles when she — Chidinma defended herself by claiming she is a virgin.

Nigerian rapper Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor, a.k.a. Illbliss, in a chat with HipTV revealed that Chidinma’s alleged adult video scandal, which went viral, devastated the singer, made her cry profusely.

Illbliss narrated how he and his team rallied round the Kedike hit singer and assured her the scandal would be strategically handled.

He and Clarence Peter spearhead Capital Hill Music, which is home to Chidinma, Phyno and Da Suspect.

Illbliss recounted:

“I got an e-mail from a blogger one morning saying that ‘your artiste Chidinma has a s*x tape out, get in touch with us’ and I called her that morning and told her (Chidinma).

“All she did was cry her eyes out, saying ‘I’m only a small girl; I’ve not wronged anybody, why will anyone do this to me?

“…I told her that we will speak when we want to and it will not be to defend the s*x tape issue but to communicate her success.

And indeed it worked!”

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