‘Fine Boy’ Comedian, Omo Baba, Reveals The Woman He Wants To Marry …says ‘She’s as beautiful as I am’

He has been hailed as ‘Nigeria’s finest comedian’ but has since remained single. Recently, though, during an interview, Omo Baba confirmed that he’ll be getting married soon. “Well, I will be getting married soon and, please, don’t ask me about her. Allow her to rest. Anyway, she is a beautiful, intelligent and wonderful woman, that’s the much I’m willing to tell about her.

But, very soon, I will be leaving bachelorhood. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Soon, ‘Fine Boy’ will introduce ‘Mrs Fine Boy’ to the world”.

As to his inspiration, he answered: “I am just like any writer or painter who gets inspiration from his environment. I read the Bible a lot and get inspiration from it. There are funny aspects of the Bible too but I don’t make jokes from these portions of the Holy Book.

Sincerely, I get all my inspiration from my God-given brain, though when I am on stage I get inspired by looking at my immediate environment. Frankly speaking, most of the things I say are spontaneous.”

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