Koga Shoots Four-Man Cast Movie

KOGA Studios, the company behind the critically- acclaimed movie, Heroes and Zeroes,is set to begin production of another ‘industry redefining’ movie, The Visit.

The Visit is a four- man cast movie that will star award winning actress Nse Ikpe Etim, critically-acclaimed Femi Jacobs, Bhaira McWinzu and Blossom. It will be directed by Funke Fayoyin, the director of highly acclaimed The Gods Are Still Not To Blame, the contemporary adaptation of Ola Rotimi’s book.

The Visit, a second featured film from KOGA’s studio is coming after widely acceptance of Heroes and Zeroes, the award winning movie that have clinched more than 10 awards within a space of one year.

According to Robert Jeyibo, an official of KOGA Studio, The Visit will be the first full length four-man cast featured film in Nollywood. “We know there have been two cast and three cast movies before, but this is the first four-man cast full length movie. We are not just concern about making history; we want to make a talking point kind of music. From the choice of characters, set and director, you could see that our intention is to inject youthful creativity, experience in terms of big budget movie and our own unparalleled technical ability to create a movie blend with pleasurable experience.”

According to Funke Fayoyin, the director, “The Visitwill be a breath of fresh air and it will be one of the most technologically advanced movies of our time. The movie will be shot with two Arri Alexa cameras, the world most expensive camera. This is the first time such a thing is happening in Nollywood, no one has done it before. I want to assure everybody that after The Visit, a new path might be charted from Nollywood. We will do our best and leave the rest to God.”

Production will start next-week and will be completed within a month.


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