“I’m A Prostitute” – Gospel Musician Confesses

francisca-ernest-opokuA leaked tape which was played on Adom f.m 106.3 an Accra based radio station on their entertainment show was embraced with doubt and fierce suspense although the so called messenger of the gospel boldly mentioned her name in the tape. I was amazed as to how a dedicated gospel musician could pick her phone, record abusive words and send to an innocent married woman just to scare her away from her marriage. Further she boasted of her earthly possessions and admitted living as a whore to earn a classic living. Listeners doubt was swapped with reality as the management of Francisca Sarpong of “Atemuda” song fame released a press statement over their artistes leaked tape.

“The entire management and artiste claim full responsibility of the tape which was unfortunately made available to the press by the other party [ Ernest Opoku’s wife] after a heated phone argument” a portion of the statement read. Rattling and roaring in Twi dialect, Francisca upheld her beauty, pride and elegance. Breaking the camel’s back, she boastfully accepted practicing high class prostitution out of which she has gotten wealth unlike her other colleagues in the Ashawo business who open their legs freely. Jesus! This is the musician who preaches and rattle in tongues to carry salvation messages of the end time.

Not sparing the Frafra tribe of the upper east region of Ghana, to her, she hasn’t seen a tribe in Ghana which dresses shabbily and ugly than the Frafra tribe of which King Ayisoba and Captain Yaba of Frafra kologo fame belongs to. Perhaps if you are Fraframan and needs the service of Francisca Sarpong either in bed or on stage, you should back off. Funny. “WO DRESS A, AS3 FRAFRANII A OKO MEETING WO TAFO ASIE3’’ she said in Twi to compare her rival’s style of dressing to a fraframan. To wit “ you dress horribly and shabbishly like a fraframan going for a meeting at Tafo cemetery’’ As if it’s not enough, she threatened in making the world hell for the woman nursing Ernest Opoku’s one year old baby girl and further warned her victim (Ernest Opoku’s wife) to stop spying her elegant designs and stick to her “black and white garments’’ which she Francisca has ordered to be used in the kitchen by her maids. “ Ernest no op? wo a anka obedi obaa fofro akyi ?”.Meaning Ernest Opoku doesn’t love his legally married wife anymore that’s why he is following other women including her Francisca Sarpong .

Rumors of Ernest Opoku Junior ignoring his legally married wife and dating a self endorsed prostitute Francisca Sarpong was met with a dare from Bandex, a movie and Music producer. “Ernest Opoku can do anything he wants. If he denies this, I will reveal more secrets, there are more” he said on Adom f.m. Interestingly, Ernest has been tight lipped over the issue. Meaning the two ‘’holy’’ musicians accept throwing the gospel in the gutters and have been parading as hypocrites misleading God’s children through music. For God and Ghana we serve.

For Francisca Sarpong to practice prostitution, an act against the Bible and Quran, and ruining Ghana with ethnocentric utterances by insulting the whole frafra tribe, all I say is Lord have mercy on us. Indeed “Nnooma nyinaa di adanse? s? wiase awie? no reba’’ Meaning all signs indicates that the end is near. Coincidently these are highlighted lyrics in Francisca Sarpong’s Atemuda album featuring Ernest Opoku junior.

All have sinned and fall short in the glory of the lord but the Bible also warns us of wolves in sheep skin. Hypocrites! The next time you look for a worship song or praises to adore your maker, know which song to go with because you wouldn’t know which has been tainted with pre-production immoralities.”For behold the day is coming, burning like an oven when all evildoers and arrogant will shrubble “. Until then, let’s wait on our lord and savior for the time he will pick his true men and women of the Gospel. By NANA AGYEMANG BADU