Relationships – 4 Clues Your Partner Is A Narcissist!

images (5)Does it seem like your partner loves himself more than he loves you?
Are you in a ⁠love-hate relationship⁠ with someone who tells you that he or she loves you… but you don’t feel loved? Does your lover act warm one minute, and then insensitive the next? Does your partner expect you to understand his emotions but acts uncaring when you share your innermost feelings? You might be in ⁠love⁠ with a narcissist but don’t know it.

1. Narcissists have a grandiose self-image.
They feel they are the Emperor reigning over their domain…. They often command their spouse. They believed that since they were supporting them, they could run their partners lives and they become disdainful when they didn’t obey.

2. Narcissists expect constant praise and admiration
They expect to be looked up as a god. They felt entitled and greatly angered when partners disagreed with them or refused to do their bidding. Men who are narcissists treat their women like a live-in maid with benefits.

3. Narcissists have little or no empathy with others. They show no regard for their partners’ feelings and needs . They expect their partners to make them happy.

4. Narcissists fantasize about being powerful. They could use their financial resources to control their partners.

If you are in or have had similar ⁠relationships⁠ in love or at work, don’t expect things to change at the drop of a hat. Narcissists often don’t think they have any problems, and will continue to lable you as the one with the problem. Consider finding a therapist to help you assess your situation and enable you to decide how to empower yourself and how to find the kind of love and approval you want.

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