Offinso MCE Escapes Impeachment

Baffuor Kesse Amankwah

Baffuor Kesse Amankwah

THE MUNICIPAL Chief Executive of Offinso in the Ashanti Region, Baffuor Kesse Amankwah, escaped impeachment by a whisker on Thursday.

An attempt by some assemblymen to impeach him fizzled out in the eleventh hour because his accusers could not get the required number for their agenda.

The House has a membership of 43 with the MCE included, and those calling for Hon. Kesse’s head needed 29 votes to achieve their aim.

Luckily for the MCE, only 22 members of the house attended the meeting for his impeachment on Thursday at Offinso.

The aggrieved members have levelled several accusations against the MCE, including Hon. Kesse as being autocratic.

They also accused him of sacking about 18 cocoa gang sprayers in the area without justification, only to recruit NDC members to replace them.

The Electoral Commission representatives were said to be present at Thursday’s meeting, which was held ostensibly to kick Hon. Kesse from office.

But the agenda for the day could not be carried out because some of the members had changed their minds at the last hour.

Briefing DAILY GUIDE, Hon. P.K. Donkor, assemblyman, Dentin/Antoa Electoral Area, expressed disappointment about the turn of events.

He alleged that all the government appointees in the House were warned by the MCE not to attend the meeting.

Likewise, he said, members of the House who have strong ties with the ruling party were also cautioned not to be part of the impeachment process.

Hon. Donkor said the MCE, government appointees and nine assemblymen who are believed to have strong links with the NDC, boycotted the meeting.

This action, taken at the last minute, he said, had infuriated the Presiding Member of the assembly who called the meeting.

Hon. Donkor said the 22 members who attended the meeting have also vowed not to attend any meeting that would be held at the instance of the MCE.

According to him, no meaningful work would go on in the assembly now, stressing that they would surely kick out Hon. Kesse from office.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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