Jennifer Aniston Wants to Make Her Dog a Star

Posted by Adam

"We're the Millers" New York City Premiere - ArrivalsJENNIFER Aniston wants to turn her dog into a star!

The actress is keen for her beloved white shepherd mix Dolly  — which she adopted as a pup in 2006 — to star in a movie.

“Jen taught Dolly to sit, shake and roll over in a few hours, so she’s convinced Dolly has the talent – she just needs the right training,” an insider said.

“She even tried to get Dolly cast in her current movie, Squirrels to the Nuts. ”

Jen and the film’s director, Peter Bogdanovich, are close friends, “but Jen’s so serious about making Dolly a star that she decided to not call in a favor,” added the source.

“Instead, she got her agent to formally pitch the idea to Peter.”

Dolly didn’t get the part, but Jen — who worked with dogs in the 2008 tearjerker Marley & Me — is still sniffing around for the perfect role, said the source.

“Jen’s been grilling the dog trainers on the set for tips on finding the best possible training to get Dolly camera-ready,” added the source.

Jen and fiancé Justin Theroux recently adopted a pit bull puppy named Sophie in a bid to replace Jen’s beloved mutt Norman, who died in 2011 at the ripe old age of 15.

“Dolly and Sophie get along brilliantly, but Jen loves Dolly like a daughter,” added the source.

“Her dream is to do a Marley & Me sequel with Dolly in the lead!”

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