Jennifer Aniston: Like Paula Deen?

Posted by Adam

JENNIFER Aniston was stopped on the street by a fan recently — and was quite possibly told something she didn’t want to hear!

The actress was walking around Whole Foods Market in BevHills, when a lady rushed up to her, said she was a huge fan, and said, “You know, you’d make a wonderful Paula Deen.

“And you know someone’s going to make a movie about her troubles, so you should jump on that before somebody beats you to it.”

A source added that Jen gasped, “Really? You think I look like… Paula Deen!”

The woman said, “Well, of course you’re younger, so they’ll use makeup to age you. But there’s definitely a resemblance. I believe you could pull it off!”

A witness added, “Jen, looking a tad tightly-wound, told the lady she’d get right on it – and split.”

Meanwhile, Aniston isn’t pregnant — she’s just put on weight.

The actress — who’s engaged to Justin Theroux — sent the pregnancy rumor mill into overdrive when she wore a form fitting dress to her movie premiere that showed of her curvy belly — but Aniston insists she isn’t with child.

Jen says her round figure is because she’s just packing on the pounds.

“There’s nothing to announce,” she told The Kyle and Jackie O Show about the rumors of her pregnancy.

“That’s just a couple of lbs.” she frankly admitted.

Jen did say that despite her previous shocking confession of once having to eat at McDonalds, she at her age she can’t eat poorly.

“We have a no junk food policy pretty much all the time,” the 44-year-old said.

“You kind of figure out at a certain age you have to cut some stuff out and get with the program. It’s a better lifestyle. All across the board.”

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