It’s In The Interest Of Politicians And Political Parties To Respect Commitments Made To Ghanaians

The West Africa Regional Coordinator of the West African Network for Peace building (WANEP), Mr. Alimou Diallo has asked stakeholders in the political circles of the country to heighten their education on the significance of maintaining peace.

According to him, it is very expedient for political parties and figures to continue to raise awareness about sustaining Ghana’s peace so as to ward off any violent acts that may arise as a result of the Supreme Court ruling.

Speaking in an interview on Gold Power Drive on Thursday, Mr. Diallo called on political party leaders to “work on issues of peace and look at emerging issues of conflict and look at how we can bring all stakeholders together and educate supporters on the need for peace. With reference to the current happening in the country with regard to the 2012 election petition, I think it is very important all stakeholders continue to preach peace for supporters to respect the verdict.”

Explaining further, he noted that “it is important that all stakeholders continue to educate and sensitize Ghanaians about the need for peace, about the need to respect the rule of law. That is the only way you can build a positive peace…(thus) the absence of physical violence and the presence of certain features such as justice, equality, development in society. So, that is the only way you can build sustainable peace…”

He also advised petitioners and respondents in the pending election case to use the appropriate legal process should any party disagree with the court ruling.

“I don’t think anybody would do himself or herself good to renege on the promise for peace. It is in the interest of any political party or any politician who wants to build a positive career in politics to respect their commitment they’ve made to the people of Ghana,” he admonished.