Grass, Weeds Take Over Jubilee House!

The frontage of the Jubilee House, the seat of the Presidency, has been taken over by over-grown grass, and weeds, the Daily Searchlight can reveal.

The huge lawn that fronts the huge edifice built by former President John Agyekum Kufuor to house the Presidency is also unkempt, full of weeds and certainly untended.

A visit to the Jubilee House yesterday revealed that the vast grass lawn in front of the Jubilee House, which should have been a lush green even in the heat of the harmattan, is now principally brown. The grass has, apparently, not been watered for a long time, thus killing the grass.

What is shocking is that this is the seat of the Presidency, which should have seen the highest of care, maintenance and house-keeping, but is probably seeing the worst of care.

Located along some of the busiest roads in Ghana, and a constant receiver of visitors to the Presidency from across the world, it is shocking that the housekeepers at the Jubilee House would allow the lawns at the place to deteriorate and to develop weeds and undergrowth.

With the lawn in front of the Jubilee House overtaken y over-growing grass and weeds, one really wonders about the lawns that are inside the walls and which are away from public view.