Egypt: Pro-Mursi Protesters Stage Marches From Cairo Mosques

Supporters of deposed President Mohamed Mursi staged marches from several Cairo and Giza mosques on Friday.

The demonstrators marched from mosques in Helwan, Zatoun, Nasr City, Abbasiya, Matarya and Maadi areas in Cairo, the state news agency reported.

In Giza, they marched from Istiqama, Hosari, Mostafa Mahmoud mosques as well as two mosques in Haram area.

The protesters chanted slogans calling for Mursi’s return and other slogans condemning the army and the police.

The numbers of marching demonstrators are relatively small compared to other marches over the past few weeks.

Army and police forces intensified their security presence at police stations and vital installations in case Mursi’s allies wield weapons like they did last Friday.