Construction of 200 SHS To Begin This Year – Govt

Government has announced that it will begin the construction of the 200 Senior High Schools which the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) promised during the campaign for the 2012 elections this year.

A Deputy Minister of Information and Media Relations Minister, Murtala Mohammed revealed that the President has given the approval for the construction of 50 of the schools to begin at the daily press briefing at the Flagstaff House on Friday.

He said: “The President has actually seen the designs, he has seen the districts that are selected, he has approved and has instructed the Ministry of Information to go ahead with the implementation.”

Mr. Mohammed added that his outfit has notified the various districts to acquire lands for the construction of the schools and expressed the hope “that executions of the project will commence this year. We are also hopeful that by the end of the four years, the 200 senior high schools that this government promised in our 2012 manifesto will be achieved.”

Speaking about the retreat by members of government which is starting today, the deputy Minister said that policies and programs of the various Ministers of state will come under scrutiny at the retreat.

The retreat which will take place at the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training center will be attended by Ministers, their deputies and the President and his team.

Mr. Mohammed indicated that President John Mahama will use the occasion to evaluate the policies of his ministers and streamline them where necessary.

He noted that policy plans with regards to projects and programs for the 2013 fiscal year have so far been submitted to the President “and these presentations have been taking place for some weeks and months now and the President has been meeting the various Ministers to see some of the plans and how they are going to implement them.”