Book on politics to be launched on August 31

book cover

book cover

Accra, Aug. 23, GNA – A political book; ‘The Justice: A Political Thriller,’ is to be launched on August 31st to provide an in-depth into political machinations politicians engaged in to win power.

The 390-page book focuses on the good, bad and the repulsive side of political campaigning to serve as an academic journal for students of political science; electoral manual for electoral management bodies; and propaganda tool for politicians.

It also provides guidelines for media practitioners covering elections, could also be use as a manuscript for film directors, and a psychological therapeutic medication for family members of a candidate.   

The book, authored by Ms Boakyewaa Glover, a Managing Consultant at Kaiser Associate, Washington DC, uses creative writing skills to expose the antics of an imaginary former Chief Justice Joseph Annan who sought to contest for the Presidency of Ghana.

Ghana News Agency analysis of the 29 Chapter book revealed that it exposes the use of power words by politicians, the stature of a candidate, personal educational background, drive, ambition and religion as a tool for campaigning to gain power whilst opponents also exploit these attributes against a candidate. 

The book also highlights on the ‘shock syndrome,’ of families of a candidate, the challenges they go through especially women who by nature consider politics as male dominated venture, impact on family budget, property and the rude intrusion into family’s private life by all manner of characters in the name of politics.  

Speaking to GNA, Ms Glover described the book as a searing political thriller that follows a career politician in his gasp for the highest office of the land irrespective of the effect on the family.

She said the exposure on the character of Justice Annan, a widely celebrated principled personality, considered as a strong leader, and intensely dedicated to the country was to urge the electorate and media to look beyond the ordinary side of people who come forward to seek political power.

She said readers would be shocked to know that the long-adored icon harboured secrets which begun to surface as the campaign heats up, ‘it is not a commendation for character assassination in electoral campaign but an admonishing self-examination before contesting for the high office of the land’.  

GNA observed that with a high-octane pace and page-turning intrigue, the book views the forces at play in contemporary Ghana; leaves readers hungry to piece together the layers deception, and to determine who among the complex cast of characters can restore order to the country.

It is riveting reading packed with spellbinding action, steamy romance, and a sizeable does of drama, Ghana-style.


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