BBA Party: The Return of DJ Xclusive!

Photo: Big Brother

DJ Xclusive

The amazing DJ Xclusive makes a right about turn to the Big Brother House to shut down the final Channel O Party.

There no doubt why he is one of Africa’s leading Djs, what with being the hip WizKid’s official Dj and Lagos Cool Fm’s Dj.

Armed with a degree in Financial Computing, one wonders how DJ Xclusive landed in the music industry but it was his passion and love for music that scripted this path for him.

Over the past few years Dj Xclusive has fused the individual musical identities of Urban Funky house, Urban Chart, Rnb, Hip-Hop and Pop into his own creative and now inimitable hybrid sound.

It’s always a Party to remember when DJ Xclusive hits the ones and twos in the Big Brother House and as this will be their last Party, it will definitely be out of this world. The only Dj that has had a chance to return to the House this Season, Dj Xclusive better bring his A-game as usual.

Also known for his trendy dress sense, DJ Xclusive never disappoints when he plays in the House. The last time he rocked up in a sequined black blazer and Twitter went wild.

What or who will he be wearing this time around. The Top 5 have had an array of suggestions around how they will make this the best Party of the Season and they have moved from wanting to dress up as rock stars to cross dressing.

Will Cleo bring her sexy blonde afro wig to this Party? Will Dillish and Beverly wear their killer heels? Will the West African boys bring their swagger as usual?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve definitely seen DJ Xclusive’s latest offering ‘No Time’ featuring May D, Tillaman, Skales and our very own Big Brother All Stars winner, Uti.

With Dj Xclusive in the dock, anything is possible and this is set to be one of those Parties that will go down in The Chase history.

What do you look forward to the most at the last Channel O Party?

Beverly, Cleo and Dillish, Elikem and Melvin are The Chase Finalists. Vote here for the winner of the USD 300 000 grand prize.