Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Sworn In As President

Robert Mugabe has been sworn in to a seventh term in office as Zimbabwe’s leader.

Thursday has been declared a public holiday to allow supporters of the 89-year-old to attend the inauguration.

The ceremony had been delayed by a court petition filed by his main rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, over allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

But the Constitutional Court dismissed the case, declaring Mr Mugabe’s re-election “free, fair and credible”.

Mr Mugabe won with 61% of the presidential vote against 34% for Mr Tsvangirai on 31 July.

The elections ended a fragile power-sharing government formed by the two men in 2009 under pressure from regional leaders following elections the year before marred by violence and allegations of rigging.

Outgoing Prime Minister and opposition leader Mr Tsvangirai said he would not be attending the inauguration ceremony.

“Expecting Tsvangirai to attend the inauguration is like expecting a victim of robbery to attend a party hosted by the robber,” his spokesman, Luke Tamborinyoka, told AFP.