Togbe Afede Challenges NDC, NPP

Togbe Afede

Togbe Afede

This commitment was suggested by the President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs (VRHC), Togbe Afede XIV who is also the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, Ho. He made the suggestion when he addressed the second general meeting of the House last Tuesday.

The House also hosted the Minister of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs, Dr Seidu Danaa who was on a week’s tour of the region. The Minister who paid a courtesy call on the Volta Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo and Togbe Afede and the Asogli Traditional Council last Monday, would visit six other paramouncies and their traditional councils.

In his address, Togbe Afede noted that openly accepting the verdict within 30 minutes would help douse potential tension, should there be any and hasten the process for unity, peace and stability. This would also deepen Ghana’s democracy and heighten her diplomatic credentials as peaceful, hospitable and right place to invest and live.

He added that the incessant call for peace throughout the country as though Ghana was a war-torn country, saddens his heart gravely; this he said was because the country had allowed a few people and their ambitions to hold ‘all of us’ to ransom, ‘This must stop, he stressed.’

Togbe therefore emphasized that Ghana’s peace was non-negotiable and added that no Ghanaian should allow the ambitions of politicians who formed a minute portion of the entire population to disturb the country’s hard-won peace and stability which distinguished it from the rest of Africa and the world over.

As a result, he called on all Chiefs to show commitment to the verdict and ensure their subjects complied as well. They should also be ready to expose those who would foment trouble after the verdict.

The youth were also advised not to allow themselves to be used by the any politician or organization to foment trouble and that should such request be made, ‘ask the politicians to take the lead, and then you will follow.’

He cautioned that anybody who would acts in a manner that would subvert the ruling of the Supreme Court should be considered as one who had committed treason, and hence should be dealt with as such. He also commended the security agencies for their preparedness and urged them to keep the morale alive for Ghana’s peace to be sustained.

The Chieftaincy Minister, Dr Danaa commended the Chiefs for their contribution in uniting Ghana and sustaining the peace over the years. He appealed to the VRHC to ensure that all long-standing disputes in the region are resolved.

From Fred Duodu, Ho

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