Somalia: Kenyans Fight Al Shabaab Near Border

Kismayo — At least ten Al Shabaab fighters were reportedly killed in heavy clashes between Kenyan security forces and Al Shabaab militants late Wednesday night in a Kenyan vicinity bordering Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

According to Garisa mayor, Harun Rashid Militia suspected to be Al Shabaab fighters attacked Kenyan patrol with grenades, mortars and gun fire and the battle lasted for nearly an hour, residents said.

“The battle occurred in North Eastern Kenya after Al Shabaab tried to raid security forces lying in ambush and Kenyan forces killed 10 Al Shabaab militiamen,” said Mr. Rashid.

On their side, Al Shabaab officials declined to comment on the fighting.

Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group raided Galmagala police administration post in Fafi district 10 KMs from Somalia border and killed four police officers manning the station last week.

Kenyan forces have been continuing security operations since Galmagala incident and Somalia’s Al Shabaab group claimed to have seized electronic surveillance equipments and weapons during that raid.