Prez Mahama’s Church Calls For Prayers

THE ASSEMBLIES of God church has called for a nationwide payers ahead of the Supreme Court verdict on August 29, saying it should be backed by “pragmatic efforts to maintain peace in the land.”

A statement released by the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Rev Dr Paul Frimpong-Manso on Tuesday read: “…What we need most at this critical time in our history as a nation is prayer backed by pragmatic efforts to maintain peace in our land.”

The Church’s advice is one in many of such calls for peace as the country eagerly awaits the verdict of the Supreme Court on the landmark presidential election petition that seeks to overturn President Mahama’s presidency.

The country has been in a state of heightened tension since the court proceedings initiated by the biggest opposition party; the New Patriotic Party (NPP) more than eight months ago challenging the legitimacy of President Mahama’s victory at the polls.

There is a general scare that an unfavourable verdict from the apex court could throw the country into turmoil sparked by aggrieved losers of the litigation.

“Ghana our dear nation is currently going through a period of anxious waiting for the Supreme Court verdict on the 2012 election result…Let us pray that whatever the Supreme Court verdict may go, it will reflect true justice and fairness, which shall be in line with the will of God,” Rev Dr Frimong-Manso stated.

“As we wait to receive the Supreme Court verdict in a few days time, I call on all Ghanaians to be vigilant as well as seek the peace of the nation as a matter of priority.”

President Mahama’s Superintendent acknowledges the tense state of the nation, “We are certainly at the threshold of a critical bridge in the journey of our democratic dispensation,” but quickly said he was optimistic that the country would surmount the stalemate, “… I have the greatest conviction that once again, Ghana will pass the test and acquit herself as truly an oasis of peace in sub-Saharan Africa to the admiration of the international community”