Peace Council Chairman: Let’s Demonstrate Peace After Election Petition Ruling To Send A Good Signal To The World

The Chairman of the National Peace Council (NPC) of Ghana, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel K. Asante has appealed to Ghanaians to ensure peace before, during and after the final verdict of the 2012 election petition.

According to him, the political tension cited by the US embassy, warning its Citizens resident in Ghana ahead of the 29th declaration must be prevented to change the thought of the Americans that Africans are fierce.

He noted that the Americans hold allegiance to its Citizens across the globe so the warning issued on Monday was just to alert them.

“During the 2012 general election, the Americans issued a similar statement to alert its Citizens, it’s a routine process the Americans do all the time not only in Ghana. They (the Americans) have never said their Citizens should evacuate the country (Ghana), they haven’t said that, it’s a normal thing,” he said.

Prof. Emmanuel Asante was reacting to the US Embassy’s recent statement to presage its Citizens in Ghana prior to the 2012 Election Petition final verdict.

The statement titled, “Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Potential Reaction to the Supreme Court’s Election Decision”, also urged “U.S. citizens in Ghana to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security/safety awareness during this politically-sensitive period”.

But speaking on Asempa FM, the chairman of the National Peace Council (NPC) believes “This is not what we Ghanaians have to worry about. What we have to do is to stand firm as a peaceful nation for others to know that what they think about Ghana is not what we Ghanaians are”.
“…this is a challenge to the various political leaders. These are issues that are likely to prevent investors. The political parties should be unambiguous about their call for peace; they should stand for peace and committed to it. We Ghanaians should also maintain the peace we are enjoying,” he added.