No Need For Review…S C Reversing Its Decision Through Review Could Spell Doom

An NPP stalwart, Kwabena Sarpong has downplayed the need for any of the parties involved in the election dispute before the Supreme Court to seek a review should the party disagree with the court ruling.

According to him, seeking a review after the court has given its verdict would spell doom for the nation.

He said this during a panel discussion programme on Oman FM.

Expounding further, Mr. Sarpong expressed that if the Supreme Court rules in favour of the party which does not accept the verdict on the election case between three leaders of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Electoral Commission, it may arouse mayhem in the country.

To him, the parties should simply accept the verdict irrespective of the direction it goes and forgo any temptation to go for a review.

“If there will be any problem, it will be that a review at the Supreme Court has overturned the judgement. That is where the problem will come from. So, if we all want peace, then let us put the review aside.”

“If we want peace to the ultimate or extreme end, then whoever loses when the court gives the verdict should forgo the review.”