Mistakes men make during sex

Mistakes men make during sex

Guys say and do some of the dumbest things during sex. Whether your partner is a patient woman, or the high-maintenance type, she will most likely be turned off by your bad choices in the bedroom.

The most important thing to know is each woman is different. Enjoyable sex is best discovered when we communicate openly about our sexual preferences, and learn what our partner likes and dislikes.

See if you have made some of these critical mistakes in the bedroom:

1.Trying to convince her to participate in something you already know she doesn’t like.
After a sexual relationship has been established, you should know your partner well enough to understand what she likes and dislikes.

If she happens to be turned off by something you enjoy, try communicating about it outside of the bedroom. Bringing it up during sex will cause her to feel pressured and may change her mood.

2.Assuming she will be amazed with a new position or move.
Just because you picked up a new idea from your favorite porn site doesn’t mean she’ll enjoy it.

Your woman may be adventurous in bed and willing to try new things. But you might want to clue her in before surprising her with something totally off the wall.

3.Don’t talk about what another woman liked or disliked.
Women from your past are in the past. Mentioning another woman’s sexual preference, or even bringing up her name, has caused many beds to turn cold. Another woman’s style and technique is totally useless to your current partner.

4.Leaving bed after reaching orgasm.
Probably one of the biggest complaints from women are men who find other things to do after they’ve climaxed. Sure, guys are tired and hungry after sex, but that’s no excuse to be insensitive.

Though you may be finished doing your deed, maintaining that intimate connection with her adds a special touch–especially if she hasn’t yet reached climax.

5.Trying too hard to make her reach orgasm.
Most men know which body parts, and which actions are “supposed” to help a woman reach orgasm.

However, these biological tips don’t always work. Female orgasms get the reputation of being more difficult to achieve than male orgasms, but it all boils down to communication. Talk with your partner about how she wants to be touched, kissed, and caressed, and the good stuff will follow.