Miracle or Charade? When are miracles true?

Miracle or Charade? When are miracles true?

Editor’s NoteMany Christians believe that miracles are inspired by God. In recent times however there’s been concern about the extent people go to get miracles amid suspicions that not all these interventions are from God. But when are miracles true and genuine and when are they charades? Seth Kwame Boateng explores these in his documentary Miracle or Charade.

Three-year-old Maame Konama Duodu looks extremely excited as she sings and plays with her mates in church.

Maame Konama has realized my attention is on her so she has withdrawn a bit, only looking on as her colleagues continue their interactions with me.

Patience Duodu, mother of the little girl says doctors diagnosed her daughter with hole-in-heart when she was only three weeks old. Her joy of having her second child vanished as soon as she was confronted with the shocking news.

Thoughts of how this happened to her child made the woman weep and wail. These were sad moments for Patience.

Suddenly, it struck her an intervention from God could seal the hole in the heart of her baby. Patience prayed and cried to God to fix the heart of her daughter.

Mrs Duodu’s story is not any different from that of the Abekas. Mr and Mrs Abeka, for example, share how a last minute intervention from God saved them from losing their unborn baby. The woman was diagnosed with appendicitis while pregnant and was due to be operated upon.

Such a surgery would be delicate considering the fact that Mrs Abeka was pregnant. Any complication could result in the death of both mother and foetus or at least one of them. The couple decided to seek the face of God.

But after a prayer with her pastor, Mrs Abeka was well again and doctors marveled at her recovery.

These may be true tales of how God intervenes in the difficult situations of people.

There’s however concern about how some men of God are taking advantage of vulnerable congregants to make money through fake miracles.

That’s the focus of the second part of this documentary.

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