“Is This Justice”?….NPP Activist Slams Security Agencies

A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Sarpong has descended heavily on security agencies in the country, claiming they seem to be on a mission to penalize NPP supporters for their actions and inactions and neglect members of the ruling party when they also err.

Speaking in relation to the court sentence on five murder convicts believed to activists of the New Patriotic Party, the NPP guru, emitting his emotions on Oman FM on Wednesday, accused the security services of being selective in their operations.

According to him, several threatening incidents occurred in some regions and localities in the country evidently perpetrated by fanatics of the governing National Democratic Congress but neither the Police Service nor any security agency arrested any of the perpetrators, yet they could arrest and arraign NPP supporters before court for prosecution.

Though he does not seek to justify the actions of the convicted NPP activists, he called to question the loyalty of the security services to mete out fair and equal treatments to supporters of both the NPP and the NDC.

“Criminal offence has no statute of limitation…I’m not criticizing the work of the Judges. I’m not criticizing the jury. I’m not criticizing the work of the court…I am talking of those who are in charge of putting the people before the jury, before the Judge, before the court,” and to him, the security services are not functioning properly because “those who have murdered people there have not been arrested. They hacked people but they’ve not been arrested. Those who burned offices have not been arrested…Is that justice?”

A Tamale High Court on Tuesday sentenced four murder suspects in connection with a clash that broke out at the Tamale Central Market between supporters of the two major parties in the country; Abibu Dagbana, Majeed Alhassan, Alhassan Sayibu and Imoro Gundaana to 36 years imprisonment while the fifth suspect, Yahuza Yakubu, was sentenced to death by hanging for their involvement in the incident.

The five were found guilty of conspiracy to murder.