For Husbands -Top Reasons Your Wife Is Not Active In Bed!

While there may be other reasons for her refusal to have s*x with you, these are the most common. Some are easier to remedy than others. Sometimes all it takes is a little open communication, and some little bed work…..

1. She’s feels unsexy

It’s very simple: If your wife feels unsexy, she won’t want to have s*x. Maybe she has put on a few pounds, she is exhausted or someone insulted her. It is not uncommon for a woman to judge herself too harshly. We are emotional creatures, after all.

Solution: Encourage her to take some time to pamper herself or treat her to an afternoon at the spa, or, better yet, give her a long massage. Sometimes something as simple as paying her a genuine compliment will remind her how attractive you think she is, and get her raring to go.

2. She’s thinks the s*x is boring
Perhaps the reason she no longer wants to have s*x with you is because it has become a tad too dull and routine for her liking. If you catch her yawning amid s*x, or worse; you wouldd rather be watching TV than pumping away, then chances are this the case.

Solution: Have s*x in a different location, such as in a secluded outdoor spot. Incorporate aphrodisiacs, such as chocolate and strawberries, into your lovemaking. Buy her a naughty negligee or toy. You get the idea…..*winks

3. She’s no longer attracted to you
Despite what she may say to your face, she may never be in the mood for the simple reason that she is no longer attracted to you. Although your touch used to send shivers throughout her entire body, and it took the greatest amount of restraint to wait until you got home from a party to have s*x, you just don’t turn her on anymore. And if she has an ounce of tact, she will tell you so in a subtle manner.

Solution: Perhaps the reason she is no longer attracted to you has little to do with you, per se, and more to do with someone else. Does she seem distant lately? Does she have a short fuse when it comes to you? Is she into doing things and going places that she never had an interest in before? If so, her attention may lie with another. Be open and talk to her about it. Make yourself attractive to her and start loving her all over like it was, when you started the relationship.