Democracy is difficult, but it’s the best – J.A. Kufuor

Former Ghana President John Agyekum Kufuor says the whole idea of multi-party democracy is premised on alternating systems, and people must bide their time if they are unsuccessful at any attempt.

He said while it could be someone’s turn today, it will be another’s the next time.

J.A. Kufuor consequently counselled that whatever the decision of the Supreme Court on the petition challenging the outcome of the 2012 presidential election expected on August 29, those adjudged victors should know they are not there for themselves; they are there for Ghana and they should be magnanimous enough even in victory.

‘That should mean cutting down on cat-calls and taunting and that sort of thing,’ he counselled on Metro TV.

He said for those against whom the verdict will go, they should also restrain themselves and pray for life, since there will be another chance in three or four years.

‘The whole idea of multiparty democracy is alternating systems. Today is your turn, tomorrow it might be my turn. The thing not to do is to try to end it all in one day. So when we behave like that, when the generality of us appreciate things this way, then we move ahead and then we use the checks and balances system of government to get the governors to be accountable as far as possible, in transparency. Get them to know that they are there because most of us decided that they should be there.’

He continued, ‘Power is not theirs. Power is in the people. If they don’t govern well the people should be up and doing, next time around we vote them out, we vote against them. Trust in democracy, it’s difficult to work, but it’s the best system as apparently Churchill said, it’s difficult, democracy is very difficult but is the best. It’s far better than say coup d’état or anything of the sort. We don’t want any pretences,’ he counselled.

As the date for the court verdict approaches, there have been several voices calling for calm and peace, while others are holding several programmes to seek God’s counsel and direction.

There have even been calls for victors in the case not to celebrate the court decision, with others urging losers not to seek a review, calls that have not particularly found wholesale agreement.

Story by Isaac Yeboah/

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