2 day capacity building workshop held for staff of Lawra District Assembly

A capacity building programme on team work, team building and information dissemination has been held for departmental heads and some core staff of the Lawra District Assembly at Lawra.

Policy Consult, Africa Centre for Social and Industrial Development (ACSID) aims at bringing together researchers and professionals to do policy analysis, research and training and capacity building.

The Chief Executive Officer of ACSID, Dr. Paul Kwame Nkegbe pointed out that the centre, unlike others, challenges academics to come out with what he called Action research which can be used to the benefit of society.

The centre has seven fellows from different backgrounds in order to complement the works of each other.

A fellow of the centre, Mohammed Alhaji Yussif stated that there is no way the assembly can achieve its mission and vision if the workers fails to collectively put their shoulders to the wheel.

”Respect the views of your colleagues, show sincere desire to collaborate and be willing to be flexible for the forward march of the team. Don’t personalize issues but attack issues raised by colleague staff and allow each member to state their view points. By so doing you will be able to achieves,” he added.

Another fellow of the centre, Saeed Abdul Shakur advised the workers to stay united because everybody needs somebody to work with and that the world has come to a stage where nobody can do it alone.

Mr. Saeed also advised them to cultivate the habit of information sharing.

”Information sharing is very critical. When you hold information close to your chest, you personalize it.

Often times, as workers, we rival and compete among each other. Compete against the challenges that you are grappling with and never give up when faced with failure,” he stated.

The deputy Coordinating Director, Simon Bagni in a brief remark before the start of the programme lauded the programme stating that it will give workers in the district the opportunity to understand the workings of the assembly in order for them to achieve their vision.

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