US Alert Is Needless -PNC

The PNC finds the US Embassy’s alert to its citizens as needless and uncalled for, to say the least.

For the records, Ghanaians, and for that matter Africans, have shown their ability to resolve their challenges by respecting the rule of law and placing faith in their institutions. The path Ghana had followed in this election petition is akin to what the US went through in the famous Al Gore Vs George Bush in 2000.

Did Ghana and other nations issue such security alert to their citizens under the charade of providing routine information? Certainly not.

This smacks of arrogance and a posturing of know-it-all. When will the US and its allies stop these persistent tactics of down-playing the ability of Africans and their institutions to rise up to the occasions? Surely, Markets and currencies difficulties are certain following this ill-timed statement.

The PNC as a responsible non-state actor assures the good people of Ghana of its unwavering commitment to national stability, cohesion, growth and development. Ghanaians should remain confident in our collective ability to set the pace for Africans as we always do.