Stella Akakpo: the Franco-Togolese do not want to give back her World medal!



You already know the about the story. Women’s 4×100 relay team of France was disqualified for an outside area relay after finishing 2nd in the final run Sunday in Moscow. This feeling of cheating is inacceptable for the sprinters. Stella Akakpo, the youngest of the team and the final torchbearer in Luzhniki stadium shouts to anyone who wants to listen that his silver medal is for her, just for her.

‘It’s mine, I keep it. It will stay with me. It is engraved with my name; I do not see the need togive it back. Due to how they disqualified us; they could at least be kind enough to leave them to us. This is our only memory ‘ says Stella Akakpo to France24. ‘If it was another country, we would have also brought claims. But after all there is a special way to do it. Give medals and take back is inhumane and unsporting. It’s very hard to accept ‘ , she adds.

‘First, it’s true; we did not jump for joy. But judges have validated the race several times. From the moment we got the medals, we thought that no one could take them from us ‘ , she regrets.

The Franco-Togolese returned with her medal in Paris and intends to keep it. Her teammate Myriam Soumare Myriam Soumare ‘the worst thing that can happen to an athlete’ Video cannot believe either the scenario of the final.

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