‘Rare Breed? Like seriously, JM?

Fellow Accraists,

I greet you in the name of our ancestors. I’m still in the Homowo mood, and that is why you’ve not seen me in public. But I’m working for mother Accra. It is my mission to make Accra the millennium city and preferred destination for tourists. That is my vision. I’m confident that will happen before I’m sacked from this post. People are plotting against my removal, that I know but it’s a subject for another day.

My beef is with the President. His latest defence of the Deputy Communication Minister is, to say the least, uncalled for. Why flog a dead horse? And even to think that he made that statement at a time when women’s groups had called on him at the Flagpole House, to discuss matters that affect the ordinary woman in this country. What the heck came over him? Well, his apparatchiks will say the concern is for all women. Rubbish!

Especially for an issue that’s dead and buried, the least he could have done was to let it remain there, but to get a shovel and dig the remains, then he’s looking for trouble – trouble for the poor girl and himself. His comments have deepened the speculation he knows the young woman beyond her being an appointee of his government. Hmmmm! And clearly the latest comments will further add to it. How sad. How naïve can he be?

“I think that we must maintain women solidarity. It’s not easy to step up to the plate into the limelight. It’s a very, very difficult responsibility and you have a lot of media attention and things and sometimes women ministers come under attack and I don’t see women’s groups rising to their defence, they just leave them to themselves”, the President told the group at the Flagpole House.

What does he mean by “maintain women solidarity”? Did the women say they’re divided? And even if they are divided, why should he attempt any solution for them? Has he finished solving the myriad of economic woes he has plunged this country into? Has he been able to clean the mess around Gyeeda? What about the numerous corruption allegations against the government? Has he been able to even profess a solution apart from what has now become his mantra: “I have directed.”

Does he think Ghanaians are not smart? Who was he trying to fool with claims women ministers who are under media attack should be rescued by their own. How many of the women in government are under attack? How many? Apart from that girl who created her own mess and got bashed for it, which other female minister has come under attack by the media? If he wants to speak for the voluptuous deputy minister, he should say so. He should be a man and mention her name, instead of the pretence. Nobody needs that.

I don’t remember a lot but since 2008, when we came into office, I know most of our women ministers who were criticised by the media. I don’t want to mention names but most of you know them. One of them was sister ‘KILLING TWO STONES WITH ONE BIRD. She opened herself up for media criticisms and there was no single day that the President went to her defence. Not a single day. So what has changed? What is so special about this ‘edited speech’ girl?

“…These are a rare breed who are making a mark and if for a little slip they do, the media come down heavily on them and women groups just abandon them and leave them to themselves, I don’t think it’s a very healthy thing to do so that’s a feedback I’ll also give you”.

Who is the “rare breed”? The Deputy Minister? How do you describe such a person who is unwilling to learn as such? Maybe her uncouth attitude in public qualifies her as “rare breed.”

To think that this same President dragged me like a kindergarten pupil to the home of Theodosia Okoh to offer an apology to her, but can’t ask an inexperienced minister to openly apologise for her own foolishness amazes me. I have had a cause to think about it and it’s difficult to accept.

Times are very hard. The economy is on its knees and it’s not surprising that our ‘Edey Bee K3k3’ mantra is lost on our lips. We, those milking the state, are the ones who say it, though not publicly. Our supporters have become disillusioned. I received a cold reception from even our stronghold, Mantse Agbonaa in Jamestown, when I screamed; “edey bee k3k3.” The response I got was a foul-mouth tirade of unprintable Ga words directed at my deceased parents.

Our people at the grassroots are suffering, Ghanaians are suffering and I’d rather the President sits his ass down and governs. This needless photo opportunity with queenmothers, irresponsible chiefs and hungry women groups will not help him.

Sad to say, his decisions have so far not convinced some of us that he is the man to turn things around. It’s very sad. His handling of the Gyeeda report is sad. And then instead of keeping quiet he tells us it is a draft. So what? The contents are too mind-boggling for comfort. How does he expect anyone to take him serious?

And next time any of us, his appointees, get into any media ‘trouble’ he better come to our rescue! After all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Anyway, I should end here because I’m very angry. The Gyeeda issue and the incompetence he’s so far displayed with its handling baffles me. But it’s a subject I’ll talk about someday

Until then, enjoy the filth.

Yours faithfully,

Mayor Abodwes3