NPP Members Dissatisfied With Tamale High Court Ruling

Members of the Tamale Central Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have expressed dissatisfaction about the decision the prison sentences given some five NPP youth activists to by the Tamale High Court.

Speaking on Eye Witness News , the Tamale Central Constituency Director of Communication for the NPP, Mr Akbar Rumani said “the youth activists were completely innocent and the charges levied against them were not fair”

A Tamale High Court sentenced five New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth activists to various prison sentences.

The decision was taken by a seven-member jury which decided and charged Yahuza Yakubu, Abibu Dagbana, Majeed Alhassan, Alhassan Sayibu and Imoro Gundaana for conspiracy to murder.

Mr Ramani remarked that the jury had been misguided adding that “in various trails the jury was divided as what to the kind of verdict to mete out to the convicts”

According to him, the story had been dented on many occasions, proving that “injustice had been served to the people.