Missing SHS Student Found Dead At Akuse

A form one student of the Akuse Methodist Senior High Technical School (AMEST), Veronica Delali Zormelo, who went missing a couple of weeks ago, has reportedly been found dead behind her school’s walls last Friday, August 16, 2013.

The story about her sudden disappearance from the school, according to a source, had been circulating within the school for some time until some of her mates hinted her parents about her disappearance.

She reportedly went missing on Saturday, August 3, 2013 and was never seen until last Friday when the school authority was informed about a decomposed body, which was infested with maggots, behind the walls of the school.

The situation, according to a local source, compelled the headmaster of the school, Seth A. Nyantakyi, to immediately lodge a report with the area’s police who wasted no time in moving to the location to convey the decomposed corpse to a location believed to be the area’s hospital.

Though unconfirmed, the headmaster, Mr. Nyantakyi, is said to have prevailed upon the parents of the deceased not to lodge any complaint with the police when he (the headmaster) got to know that the victim’s parents had been informed about their daughter’s disappearance.

He was said to have pleaded with them to give the school’s authority some time to look for her.

Mr. Nyantakyi strongly denied that claim describing it as untrue. He confirmed her death and quickly added that the matter had been reported to the police for investigation. He expressed surprised at the claim and said there was no way he as the head of the school could do that.

“The truth is that I have reported the matter to the police, and so I cannot talk about it to you. I encourage you to contact the police for further details on that incident” the headmaster remarked.

Just before filling this story, DAILY GUIDE was informed by an informant that Veronica might have died as a result of drowning.

According to the source, there is a canal which was constructed to aid irrigation on rice farms in the area.

The canal links the farm through a portion of a land right behind the school walls.

“A bout two years ago a male student of the same school died around the same area where this girl is said to have died. ” The source noted and quickly pointed out that he could not tell if that incident was reported to the police.

Attempts to contact the area police over the incident proved futile as the detective, who reportedly visited the scene, was said to have been on off-duty at the time this paper visited the area.