Mali: Constitutional Court Upholds Mali’s Election Results

Mali’s constitutional court has confirmed the results of the August 11 presidential run-off, clearing the way for Ibrahim Boubacar Keita to become the country’s next president. The court said Tuesday that Keita garnered an “absolute majority of votes.” Last week, the interior ministry provisionally announced the results of the polling.

The ministry said Keita, a former prime minister, captured 77.6 percent of the vote. It said his rival, former finance minister Soumaila Cisse, won slightly more than 22 percent. Keita faces the daunting challenge of rebuilding and reuniting Mali after a 2012 coup that was followed by an Islamist takeover in the north.

U.S. President Barack Obama has congratulated Keita for an election that “helped restore Mali’s democratic tradition.” In a statement, Obama urged the country to accept the results and use the election to make progress on national reconciliation and democracy.