Iya Mohamed: In prison, the former president of FECAFOOT claims 42 million of salary arrears




http://en.africatopsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/68260141781.jpg Even in the depths of his prison cell, Iya Mohamed assures his interest. The former president of FECAFOOT (Cameroon Football Federation) jailed for two months for embezzlement while leading SODECOTON (Cotton Development Company) in Cameroon http://en.africatopsports.com/2013/06/10/iya-mohammed-the-president-of-the-cameroonian-football-federation-thrown-into-prison/ calls for wage arrears to his passage at the head of the local football institution.

A total of 42 million FCFA representing 7 years of salary are claimed by Mohamed Iya. This is Tombi A Roko Sidiki , Secretary General of FECAFOOT who visited his ex-president in prison who reports the information. These 42 million relate to 500,000 CFA per month as salary. Mohamed has not received his dues for the past seven years he spent at FECAFOOT.

According to reports, Joseph Owona current Chairman of the normalization FECAFOOT committee would have unconditionally accepted to pay this sum to Iya Mohammed although he is still in prison. An amount that will be transferred into the account of his wife.

Nothing surprising in this, Iya Mohamed was elected president of FECAFOOT from his prison before the ballot being invalidated by FIFA amid protests and outrage.

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