Govt Won’t Compete With The Church – Prez Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has called for effective partnership between the state and the church to improve the lives of Ghanaians.

He said government will continue to support the developmental interventions the Church has provided over the years.

Addressing a delegation from the Christ the King Parish, led by Father Andrew Campbell at the Flagstaff House on Tuesday, the President lauded the Catholic Church for the various projects it has undertaken.

“I want to express my appreciation for the work the Catholic Church has been doing in the various facets of our lives; in healthcare a lot of the Catholic mission hospitals are operating very well and providing health-care to supplement what the government is able to do.”

He noted that the state is in no competition with the church “… and what the state should do is to support the church.”

President Mahama also praised efforts by the Catholic clergy to ensure good governance and the rule of law.

He said: “The Catholic Bishops Conference will go down in history as one of the non state actors that has been very vigilant in terms of protecting people’s right and speaking up when everybody else is afraid to speak.”

He recalled the Catholic Bishops Conference during the era of unconstitutional governance “they were the lone ranger in those days speaking against unconstitutional rule and they haven’t given up. Anytime it matters most, the Catholic Bishops Conference steps into the fray and issue advocacy as to what direction the country should take.”