Egypt: Presidential Advisor – Egypt Fights Fierce War Against Terrorism

Egypt is fighting a war against terrorism and criminal acts in the country, said presidential advisor Mostafa Hegazi on Tuesday.

In statements to the CNN, Hegazi said that the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide over charges of inciting killing is a victory and a step to restore the law and order in Egypt.

He added that sit-ins and protests staged by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters were and will not be committed to peacefulness at all.

Hegazi described the killing of the Egyptian recruits in the North Sinai city of Rafah as “the worst war crime” throughout history as they were slaughtered in cold blood.

Concerning a roadmap, Hegazi said that the Egyptian presidency issued on Tuesday a statement in which it asserted that the first stage of the map which is drafting new constitution will be completed within two months, and the charter will be put for referendum.

The parliamentary elections will be held within two weeks from the endorsement of the constitution and the presidential poll will be held within two months of the formation of the parliament, he added.