BBA The Chase: Elikem and his trade

Ghanaian hottie that is Elikem is not just a businessman but a very good tailor, or so we hear.

Tuesday afternoon, he took both Cleo and Dillish’s waist and thigh sizes to make them ‘designer’ dresses.

If his clothes are anything to go by then we can trust that this Ghanaian tailor has his skill on full lock.

Earlier on The Chase, he had told his fellow Housemates that the clothes he wears in the House are made by his two hands.

And we can’t hate on him because his taste fits his character, I mean we can’t help but be in awe of his ‘tailor-made’ pants, among other clothes he wears.

Cleo told him earlier that the dress he’s making for her seems to be a bit big for her and it hasn’t even been finished yet.

‘Don’t you know that your a** is big?’ he said, as his response to her.

Clearly this young tailor knows what he’s doing and of course how to estimate the different figures both Dillish and Cleo have.

When he was done with putting the dress together, Cleo tried it on and liked what he had done so far.

Although the dress is far from being finished, it sat nicely on Cleo’s curvaceous body and booty and most importantly she approved of it. ‘I like it, I love it actually,’ she told him.

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