The Music Bubble Network Goes Public!

‘The Music Bubble Network’ has always been somewhat of a mystery in the industry, with very little known about who or what they are.This all changed when they recently launched an official facebook fan page ( Allowing the general public into there treasure trove of insider information & connections.

There rep, told us that “The Music Bubble Network team are not looking to take centre stage. That goes against what they stand for, they want to help connect those in the industry. The companies motto of “Get Connected & Glow” is a testimony to there mission of supporting music worldwide.

They are big supporters of up and coming artists, producers & DJ’s etc, as well as those already established. Its not about fame, its simply about there love of music and passion to see those with talent be heard!”

It seems if you are in the industry or just love music ‘The Music Bubble Network’ is something you should know about. Although the company is keen to remain aloof to the spotlight, they are creating quite a positive stir in the music industries melting pot of promotional platforms, defiantly one to watch!

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