Robert Pattinson Sorry For Shoving Security Guard

Posted by Adam

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsROBERT Pattinson is sorry for shaving a security guard in the face following a night out with friends in Los Angeles on August 17.

Sources say the actor knows he “pushed the wrong guy” and he’s sorry.

“He was grabbed at one point on his way out and he couldn’t see who did it with all the flashes, and the security guard who was whisking him away to his car was the closest and most available guy to grab,” a source said.

“Rob was buzzed as well, so add being buzzed, hundreds of flashes from the cameras and just being annoyed that he couldn’t just leave…that’s why he flipped out for the split second.

“He feels bad but also knows he didn’t put much force into what he did.

“He is not worried about hurting anyone as it was more of a tap than a grab. It is now water under the bridge.

“If and when he is there again and sees the guy, he will apologize, but he is not going to make a separate trip to make up for it.”

In the video taken by TMZ, Rob is being bombarded by paparazzi and blinded by their cameras. He is then shown lunging at the man before hopping into an SUV and covering his face.

“He grabbed me on my face,” the bewildered security guard says while picking up his glasses. Instead of getting furious at Rob though, the guard seems to acknowledge that Rob didn’t realize who he was shoving.

“He thought I was somebody else,” the guard says. Luckily, he doesn’t appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

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